Wise Nutrition NZ Kiwi Fibre Drink with Actazin & Live Culture

A drink that packs a punch
New Zealand superfood Kiwi fruit is often referred to simply as “kiwi” – a fruit that has become a popular choice for the health-conscious. The small but mighty kiwi fruit is a nutritional powerhouse.


The raw material that makes Wise Nutrition New Zealand Kiwi Fibre Drink is extracted from top-quality New Zealand Zespri® kiwifruit which has four times the daily-recommended amount of vitamin C per serving.


Unlike most fruit fibre drinks, Wise Nutrition Kiwi Fibre Drink contains unique ingredients – Actazin™ and Bifidobacterium longum.

Actazin™ consists of a variety of natural occuring bioactives including fibre and polyphenolics, contributing to its prebiotic activity, along with the kiwifruit-unique protein-degrading enzyme, actinidin. Actazin™ use is supported with studies, regular consumption of kiwi fibre drink helps to improve digestive function and
increase the frequency of bowel movements, reduce bloating and discomfort associated with constipation.

The combination of Bifidobacterium longum, kiwifruit fibres, FructoOligosaccharides (FOS), and polyphenolics also influence the gut microbiome profile, by suppressing the growth of pathogenic bacteria while boosting the natural population of good gut bacteria that are beneficial to your gastrointestinal functions.




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